Warwickshire RC Open Hill Climb Event – 2010

The Warwickshire RC Hill Climbs will take place on Sunday September 26th 2010.

Saintbury Hill KH28 10am and Dovers Hill KH27 12 noon.

Entry fee for each event is £6.50 and the closing date is 14th September.

Event organiser:

Alex Laycock
23 Ascot Close
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 9FN

Links to course  details:




One Response to Warwickshire RC Open Hill Climb Event – 2010

  1. alexlaycock says:

    timekeepers- Charlie Barnett,Bob Franks
    recorder-Mick Harbourne
    pusher off people-,Rob Wood,matt Purshouse,Richard Evans-they will work on rotation for the climbs,oubling up as telephone men at the top!
    Results- Alana Collis 🙂
    Teas etc,Pat laycock and the Harrisons
    marshall for Saintbury-Pat Laycock
    Signage- Matt Purshouse
    Headless Chicken- Alex Laycock
    Person who helped with the start sheet- Steve Lockwood

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