Final Club 10 – 2017

Tuesday 22nd August sees the final 10 of the season on the K37/10P. The four subsequent Tuesdays will be 5 mile time trials based on a section of the K36/10 course – 2.5 miles up to the Cross and Bowling Green island and finishing back close to the start point.




2 Responses to Final Club 10 – 2017

  1. Tim Ashton says:


    I’ve been looking forward to riding the K36/10 course on your final events this year. Is there no way that that full course can be used?

    Tim Ashton

  2. Hi Tim, unfortunately the light fades rapidly after approximately 19:40 (especially if it’s cloudy) and we need to consider riders getting back to HQ (sometimes without front and/or rear lighting). That’s why the decision was made to make the remaining TT’s 5 miles.

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