End of Season 5 Mile TT Results Round-Up

Here are the last few 5 mile TT results (all run on the revised K36/10 course), courtesy of Eamonns’ Facebook posts whilst I have been otherwise occupied 🙂


4th September

C. Taylor 11:08
M. Osman 11:33
N. Orchard 12:05
M. Adams 12:06
R. Smith 12:25
S. Bourne 13:13
C. Turner 14:06

11th September

P.Astin 10:50
R. Smith 12:23
D. Sheridan 12:56
C. Duffill 12:57
S. Evans 14:08

18th September

Xavier Disley 10:40
Jessica Rhodes-Jones 11:29
Deborah Sheridan 12:31
Chris Duffill 12:40
Simon Evans 14:06


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