Roadworks on A435 on Tuesday 21st April / K37/10P

April 20, 2015

There is a total northbound road closure of the A435 from Gorcott Hill to Junction 3 of the M42, overnight. Lane one is also coned off for the majority of the stretch. It looks like K36/10 will be used on Tuesday.


Roadworks on A435

April 18, 2015

There are currently signs out on the A435 indicating it will be closed northbound for 4 days from 20th April.

There will be no access to M42 junction 3. We can’t be sure how much of the road will be closed off until Monday,but there is obviously the possibility that the K37/10P will not be available on Tuesday (there are no further details on the Worcestershire road works site).

We have the advantage of being able to use the K36/10 course if necessary, this year.

If anyone has any further information on the closure, please let me know,



Roadworks Notifications

April 24, 2009

An ideal place to check for roadworks notifications for the A435 or any other roads in the local area is the following link:

Open the Excel spreadsheet, de-select all roads and then include A435 only.