First Lady President Elected

November 22, 2011

The Warwickshire Road Club is proud to announce the election of Helen Minovi as President of the club for 2012.

Helen is the first lady to be elected to the position in the club’s 87 year history.

We wish Helen well in her term of office.

Warwickshire RC Hill Climbs 2011

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations
Double Hill Climb
Sunday, 25th September 2011
Course: KH28 Saintbury Hill 10:00
Course: KH27 Dover’s Hill 12:00
Organiser: Alex Laycock
23 Ascot Close, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9FN
tel: 01789 205974 – mobile on the day: 07919 181 994
Timekeepers: Roger Gillet, Charlie Barnett
Recorder:Colin Dooley
Event headquarters: Weston Sub Edge Village Hall
thanks to Home of the Sofa,Stratford upon Avon for helping with printing,visit them in
Old Red Lion Court! mention ALEX
Event headquarters
Hall of Friendship,Weston Subedge GL55 6QH,just off the B4035,opposite Hartwell
fencing,slap bang in the middle of Weston Subedge. Dovers start is 5mins away,
Saintbury 5-10mins, EASY!

Prize list – Prizes are based on the combined time for both hills.
– 1st £20 and a unique trophy
– 2nd £20
– 3rd £17.50
– 4th £15
– 1st £20 and a unique trophy
– 2nd £15
– 1st £15 and a unique trophy
– 2nd £15
-3rd £12.50
-4th £10
Team of 3 A1 2012 wallplanner each
Fastest between oldest and youngest
Fastest Birthday Boy
Giant Toblerone
Fastest ctt race organiser 2011
2nd fastest
3rd fastest
gold medal
silver medal
bronze medal
First aged 40-44;45-49;50-55;55+ 12.00
Please stay for the CASH prize presentation which we will do as soon as we have
done our calculations-some prizes will be heavy to post……………
Competitors’ notes
• Numbers and signing on sheet will be at the Headquarters.
• Do respect riders that are still racing when you have finished.
• In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters
strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally
accepted safety standard.
• Mick’s dad (aka John Stallard) will be photographing the event – photos will be
available from
• No shoe plates or bikes in the Hall
Spectators ON FOOT welcome!
Directions to the start
Saintbury hill,left out of the HQ,right along to Saintbury,first left – start at the
bottom,finish at the top!
Dovers hill,left out of the HQ, left, first right, start at the bottom, eyeballs out to
the top!
but in more detail………
Course details KH28
ref Details Distance
Start on road through Saintbury village 200 yards south of junction
with B4632 (Stratford-upon-Avon – Broadway road) in line with Care
Horses warning sign. Ride south up hill
Pass crossroads
120381Finish at post EV7 about 250 yards before road junction. 2288
Course details KH27
ref Details Distance
Start adjacent to TP DP96 immediately prior to lower entrance to Harris
Lane about 1/2 mile through Weston Sub Edge village from B4032
(Church Lane) off Broadway , Stratford on Avon Road. Start marked in
white paint.
Pass halfway point 4.6 yards north of TP 99 and near to Knapp cottage
on right
SP 136396
Finish opposite “Steep Hill 14%” sign about 27 yards before entrance to
National Trust car park on left. Finish marked in white paint.
1487.2 yards
See course maps on this website – Fly over the course in Google Earth
There are maps of both courses at:
Also you can view the actual terrain in detail using Google Earth:
• If you don’t have Google Earth on your computer you can download
it for free from
• Download the maps from
KH27-Dovers.kmz and
KH28-Saintbury.kmz (or click the link on our website)
• You can save the map to your computer or run it directly in Google
• Click the Play button in Google Earth to see the fly-through
• Use the controls to inspect any part of the course in detail

Rider list :

Warwickshire RC 2011 Hillclimb Riders

Midlands TT Championship Report (from Miranda Harris)

Midlands Championships July 2011

Race Report from Alex – 11th July

Ian Ingram and Mick Harborne headed west on Saturday for the Cardiff 100 miles RC 25 mile time trial, BOTH went under the hour with great results, Ian a short 57 and Mick a 58………on the same day Alex Laycock, rather out of her depth (some of it due to surface water from the heavy rain and hail storms) completed the National 100 time trial where only 90 of 150 riders finished, most riders were down on predicted times apart from the supersonic winners,  so maybe if I admit to a time of 4.53 it’s not so bad, but not something I’d put on my C.V. !

Sunday was THE big day for Richard Somerville, our time trial secretary who put on a slick event for the club, our annual 25 mile time trial, glad to say that we (Matt Purshouse) won the event, and between Richard Evans who was 9th and Preston Eckoff ,18th – they won the team award. Jackie Hobson just manged to beat Debbie for first lady and Debbie was second in her first 25 mile time trial this year ( i think?)

I’d also like to make a special mention for Sharon Bryant who did a brilliant ride in a 50 mile Sportive last weekend which went up the arduous  Clee Hill – and descended beaming.

Shropshire Sportive – by Scott Povey

On Sunday me and my girlfriend Sharon rode the Shropshire Hills 50 and 100 miles sportive. With a break in racing this was a great chance to get some solid miles in on some of the most enjoyable roads around Shropshire, having managed to talk my girlfriend into riding the 50 mile loop it was to be a great day out for both us.

Up bright and early for the short trip to Bridgnorth the weather was looking great, best day of the year so far ! Sharon was feeling very nervous with this being her first ever sportive and the longest ride she had attempted this year. As a goal to complete the ride she wanted to finish the 50 before I got back from the 100, a little wager on who was buying the beers later on upped  the stakes a little.

We signed on in the middle of Bridgnorth High street where two lovely ladies were very helpful but also gave me a bit of stick for writing my next of kin as “my mom” – I’m sure a few people noticed and had a little chuckle. The atmosphere at the start was great, we enjoyed some coffee and had a look around the market stalls, the highstreet was buzzing with cyclists and not a car to be seen due to the event organisers getting it closed off for the event. Once signed on, riders could start when they wanted, we reset our stop watches and got underway.

Riding away from Bridgnorth out of the high street  within a couple of minutes we were already climbing, no warm up lanes here ! It was straight into the action with hardly any flat roads  in the first few miles. Once Sharon had settled into the ride I pressed on keen to give my Eddy Merckx EMX-3 a good test around this very testing loop. It was’nt a race but with riders spread out along the route I soon got a bit carried away, enjoying the hard earnt decents and lovely views of the Shropshire hills, Cleobury Mortimer was my first target, a nice little village where Hobsons Brewery is based, sink a few of those tonight I thought as I pressed on towards Clee Hill.

Clee Hill comes straight after a quick decent into Hopton Wafers and is the first major test on the 100 mile loop and the big hurdle for thoses riding the 50 miles, I have to say though just getting to clee hill felt pretty hard to me, maybe it was the 70 miles in my legs from yesterday or just the nature of the hard rolling Shropshire lanes, a bit of both probably. Wondering how Sharon was getting on I felt a little guilty having told her there’s only one real hill you have to climb!  Once at the top of Clee by the cattle grid, lots of riders were taking the time to recover and enjoy the clear views on such a lovely day, I took a few pictures and topped up my reserves with a couple of Zipvit gels and energy drink, with 70 miles plus still to ride its a good idea to keep your energy levels topped up right from the start.

Mamil Cycling, the organisers of the event had planned this event really well, their signage for the event was a lot different to what I had seen before, big bright blue arrows painted to the road at every turn point and junction. It worked extremely well, meaning following the route was very easy and flowing, no need to stop and check a map or instructions. With my jersey pockets full of Zipvit nutrition I’d decided to stop at the middle of three feed stations to top up my bottles, inbetween reaching there though stood the Long Mynd, which I believe means long mountains !

Descending from Clee towards Ludlow was well earned and a lot easier than the first 20miles, the roads rolled by, the Long Mynd now being my next target, excited I pushed on still picking off riders who had started earlier. The ease on the legs did’nt last long though with a right turn towards Upper Dinchope a nasty steep climb up a narrow hegde lined lane was a bit of shock, Ouch! my legs felt that one, with 50 miles not covered yet, hmmm, maybe I’d bitten off more than I could chew, this sportive was turning into a real test. Descending not long after there towards Church Stretton had me feeling really excited with the view of the long mynd hills suddenly appearing, it felt great to be out on my bike.

For me the loop around the Long Mynd was the highlight of the ride, passing through Church Stretton with the hustle and bustle of people visiting the area, the high street has more cafés than Birmingham has curry houses! But once out on to the climbs you hardly see anyone except sheeps and wild horses, feels very much like your in the middle of no where, a great escape. There’s no time for day dreaming though as the main climb up to the cattle grid is very hard, on Clee Hill I sat at a steady pace and spun a nice gear, no chance of that here, I was out the saddle and down to 4 mph in places, even considered walking but the challenge kept me determined. After stopping to enjoy the views it was time for some fun on the decents heading towards the feed stop at “The Bog” with no cars in sight and riding solo I got very carried away, the EMX-3 handles really well at speed and with firm and gradual braking from the Campag Veloce calipers I stayed out of trouble after finding my limit on a few of the bends.

After sixty miles and three hours plus of riding the feed stop was a welcome sight, a good size group of riders were enjoying some huge cakes and a bit of banter. It was a quick stop for me though as I didn’t want to be buying the beers later on! More fluids on board and a Zipvit protein bar enjoyed I got back on my way. A nice tailwind now and still descending off the long mynd hills the miles starting to go by at a fair pace. One point of interest that I stopped for and took some pictures was Bridges Youth Hostel, having stopped here on a club weekend some years ago its a great base to explore the area from, oh and there is a nice pub in walking distance!

Heading for Ironbridge I rested my legs for a while sitting in the wheels of a group, with plenty of tired legs around this stayed together well until just outside Ironbridge where I rode the last few miles with a couple of friendly local riders. Being clapped into the busy high street to finish really added to the sense of achievement and I’m sure many riders enjoyed that nice touch by the organisers. Adding to that was my smiling girlfriend who looked totally recovered and was keen to inform me I’d be buying the beers later on! She had been enjoying the high street finishing area for a good hour.

Heading back to our car feeling pretty shattered we were both on a high from such a great event, I was also very impressed with my  EMX-3,  for a bike which feels so stiff and powerfull it absorbs the roads so well without any flex, to not have any back ache or saddle pain after a 100 miles on Shropshire lanes is a pretty impressive. If your after a real classic of a sportive I’d highly recommend this one, a great day out on your bike!

Congratulations to Jackie on her 362.96 mile ride in the National 24hr Time Trial Championship – 2nd lady rider, an extraordinary performance.

Race Report from Alex – 4th July

Matt Purshouse won the Walsall RC Open 25 TT with 52.29,  Richard Somerville 10th, way hay! and with Prestons ride added, by my reckoning WRC got the team prize 🙂  I sauntered down south a bit to ride a 25 mile tt whch was extended to 25.37, yes note the extra metres so didnt smash any records, especially with a foot with a tennis ball swelling attachment but I did do 1.05.4o  – something which is ok for ME.

Now then, all members and readers, next weekend Richard Somerville is promoting OUR 25 mile time trial so if you are not riding or helping already,  ring him now to see if he needs any more helpers, thankyou !

Race Report from Alex – 27th June

Big welcome to new member Wal Chambers, who, I’m told used to be a member years ago, looking forward to meeting him at the event I’m promoting on July 17th – which he has entered.

Next – race reports in order of distance, Jackie Hobson did the National 24 hr time trial, an astonishing feat, she reports it was an amazing experience, wonder if she will do another ??  Although I believe it’s part of a build up to longer races – amazing. Results are not yet finalised – it takes some arithmetic, to enter takes guts, to finish brill !

A 4-up mens team ventured to Wales consisting of Matt, Ian Ingram, Richard Evans and Richard Somerville, they did really well in coming second. Ian was anxious before the event, so on asking him after if it was that bad the reply was “far worse”  – WELL DONE IAN !!! :-).

Then next to another discipline down south, this Sunday for the LVRC champs. Matt, deciding the course was dangerous flew off the front with 3 others (the medal winners) to ride a very rapid 5 laps before he was dropped, Richard Shimmell did some brilliant chasing and after some unsuccessful maneuvers also retired with Matt.

Alex stuck to more local events, recording one of the fastest 25 mile time trails she has done, oddly only 3 mins off the hour on a day when she was entirely unfocused. The next day she  came 4th woman out of 6 and a time in keeping with the rolling course, if you know what i mean!

Race Report from Alex – 20th June

On June 18th, Debbie Sheridan was the first full claim member to ride a national event this year, coming 4th in her age category at a VERY stormy national 50 mile time trial, competing amongst the best in the country and the worst of the weather. The same day Jackie Hobson and Alex took part in the more local Sporting series, encountering only one hail storm and added colour to the bottom of the results in a small but exclusive field, Jackie doing a personal best on the course earning 118 points and Alex got 119 points for coming second to Rosie.

Meanwhile Matt and Richard Somerville made a trip to South Yorkshire for the LVRC Tom Simpson road race, Matt won his age category and came second overall, Richard did a magnificant sprint to bring the bunch in, well done chaps!

Also on the Sunday Ian ingram and Mick Harborne got up at an ungodly hour to ride the local Mercia 25 mile time trial, I am told the wind was unhelpful and conditions testing, Ian was only 19 seconds outside the hour and Mick finished with a 1.02, both very good rides in the conditions, roll on summer !

Race Report from Alex – 13th June

For the first two weeks of June members have raced on predominantly local turf with mighty success, the lads rode the Solihull LVRC road race on June 5th –  roads we all train on, so it was great that Matt Purshouse took the win at another local clubs promotion! Richard Evans came 5th in his age group and Richard Somerville, in, I think, his first LVRC event came 11th out of a big bunch.

Solihull CC Race – 5th June
56 miles
Race 1 A and B
1 Matthew Purshouse Warwickshire RC B
2 Phil Rayner Welland Valley CC B
3 Simon Baynes Giant CC Halo Films B
4 Karl Moseley Stourbridge Velo B
5 Richard Evans Warwickshire RC B
6 Vince Page Team Echelon Rotor A
7 Mike Garth Lichfield City CC A
8 Chris Phillips Abercyndn RC A
9 Steve Ferris Baines Racing B
10 Ian Foster Cycleshack A

Jackie Hobson rode the local 25 mile time trial , part of the ladies series and her result meant she is leading the board for the most improved rider. Alex Laycock went down the A34 to ride the Oxford City Open 10, doing a lot better than her last attempt on that course despite the winds.

We continued on local ground this weekend, firstly at the Redditch open 10 mile race, which Matt Purshouse came second, Ian ingram 14th, Mick Harbourne 14th (4th on standard), Roger Smith 52nd,and Alex Laycock 7th out of 12 women which isn’t great shakes (but 26.17 is encouraging news for me!)……..Preston Eckoff drove to the Leicester Forest 25 mile time trial and came joint 26th which mant he was in the top third of the result, well done chap!

Next day 4 of us rolled out of bed horribly early to ride the Shirley Road Club 50 mile time trial, needless to say it started to rain on the start line and the race turned into one of mind over matter and survival as we all became very wet and cold. HOWEVER Matt Purshouse did an amazing ride coming second, Richard Sommerville an impressive 2 hrs 5mins, Alex was second “lady” out of 4 and well done to Jackie who rode her first 50 mile time trial in conditions that were really grim.

Race Report from Alex – 30th May

Another Bank Holiday weekend and ANOTHER windy weekend for racing. Now all the club are back in the UK following training and holidays in Majorca, the lads hit the LVRC road race scene last weekend riding strongly in the handicap races. However this weekend they flourished at the Stourbridge CC event based on a hilly circuit at Enville, Matt Purshouse winning the A and B event, Richard Evans coming 6th and Richard Shimmell 10th. Ian Ingram gave it all he could and Mick Harborne finished in the bunch of the other age group. Team planning means they will be having more of a presence in the LVRC races – our opposition had better watch out !

Stourbridge CC Road Race – 30th May
Race 1 A and B
1 Matthew Purshouse Warwickshire RC B
2 Phil Mason Climb on Bikes CC B
3 Vince Page Team Echelon – Rotor A
4 Jon Stephenson Team Jewson B
5 Mike Garth Lichfield City CC A
6 Richard Evans Warwickshire RC B
7 Ian Foster Cycleshack A
8 Shaun Hammond Wolverhampton Wheelers B
9 Steve Ferris Baines Racing B
10 Richard Shimmell Warwickshire RC A

Jackie Hobson represented the Warwicks at the VTTA 2-day event near Stoke on undulating courses, so gaining her 119 points in the SPOCO series. Also after last weekend when she rode the Beacon Womens time trial she has soared up the handicap charts in the womens team series. Preston Eckloff and Alex Laycock also battled against the winds in this event and again both rode the next day, Preston getting a good placing of 26 in a very large field of the west VTTA event and Alex zooming down to Oxford to do a non-zooming ride in another windy 10.

Meanwhile back to the Bank Holiday, Alex Laycock came third out of 9 women in the Manchester Wheelers 50 mile time trial, a time of 2.17.28 with the bonus of winnings that matched her petrol money.

Race Report from Alex – 16th May

All races last weekend across the UK reported strong winds and the Warwickshire riders were no exception at the local Coventry Road Club 25 mile time trial on May 14th.

Matt Purshouse rode very defiantly into second place, if you turned the results upside down it too read that Jackie Hobson and Alex Laycock took first and second place, however in reality we graced the bottom but we were there ! Also a mention as despite the weather, Jackie took 5 mins off her best time for a 25 mile time trial – a sign that theres a lot more to come from our new team member 🙂

Race Report from Debbie Sheridan – 8th May

Though I didn’t do a TT at the weekend I  did do a triathlon. I was reasonably successful as I won my Age Group (55-59). And this was despite getting my chain wrapped around the cranks 3 times and having to take out the back wheel and taking nearly 10 minutes to get it sorted. (There were 3 in my AG.) So pretty pleased with the result.

As you say not a great day for racing! It was very windy out on the bike course and pretty gusty on the run. The swim was pool based so no trouble there!

Race Report from Alex – 8th May

Logistics and a sharp turn in the weather meant only one Warwickshire rider raced this weekend – Alex Laycock rode the Cheltenham Hilly event at Temple Guiting, well worth it as it is a beautiful part of the world. Roads were covered in debris from the storms the day and night before, second claim member Scott Povey punctured, (a shame as he would have won this event,) Alex was 4th lady out of  7 however this clocked her up another 119 points in the SPOCO rankings, so shes well chuffed and her time was only a few seconds slower than last year. Encouraging as the roads meant some very cautious riding.

Race Report from Alex – 1st May

Four Warwicks members rode the Diana Cooke memorial time trial at Princethorpe on April 30th, in a strong field Matt Purshouse came 3rd, Mick Harborne came 42nd with Jackie Hobson and Alex Laycock representing the club in the womens race. It was a HARD windy day, marred at the end by a friend of the club,  Richard Bradley, hitting a pothole and breaking his leg, he will be missed on our regular club runs to the cafe ! A big blow for him as he usually wins every race he enters and is especially strong this year, speedy recovery Richard!

We went on to begin May with the Hinckley CRC 2-up, Matt Purshouse and Richard Shimmell came third all-male team on this undulating 25 mile course, Richard Somerville and Richard Evans were first team that contained riders of the same name, Alex and Jackie Hobson were the first (and only!) all-female team, despite the windy condidtions it was great fun.

Stunning Easter Weekend from the Warwicks RC – Race report from Alex

Matt Purshouse did a personal best since his come back last year of 20.01 at the High Wycombe CC Good Friday race, securing him 4th slot. Preston Eckoff came 41st with 22.31, just shows what a talented field that race contained. The following day the Warwks RC promoted their own annual 10 mile race on the K33/10D.  Matt again rode very strongly, coming third with another short 20min ride, he also secured the fastest in his age bracket and fastest Warwicks member to have helped out.

Mick Harborne won the 65-69 age bracket after a hot, exhausting time putting out all the signs.  AM PROUD TO SAY we also won the non-sponsored club team award, thanks to fantastic rides from Ian Ingram, who also produced the start and result sheets and did more computer tricks, and Preston Eckoff who rode number 13 in a borrowed skinsuit as he forgot his, well done lads! Jackie and Alex also rode, team spirit. We are a small club and produced a really good event for 98 riders, everyone be proud, not just the riders but the marshalls and invaluable catering team, timekeepers and easter good eggs.

Not deterred, Matt then rode the beacon Mt TT coming31st,but i know Richard Somerville was thrilled to have beaten Matt,this is a gruelling course and attracts riders from around the country, Richard came 22nd!

The weekend before all this, the only Warwicks colours to be racing was Alex Laycock, second female in the Wyre Forest Hilly event (second out of 2!!!!)

Race Report from Alex – 9th/10th April

Warwickshire Road Club shone at event promotion on event April 10th, members mucked in and I was very proud of them. Glad Richard Evans won fastest 45-59 yr old prize, this is his comeback year, the weather was fantastic and everyone had a great day. It was the first time for years we had a ladies team entered, a turn up for the books. Commiserations to Colin Dooley who broke his clavicle the day before and couldnt attend. Second claim member Scott Povey did the honourable thing and came second fastest and went away with a smile on his face,the day before both he and Alex laycock rode the Stratford CC 10,Alex keeping some of the colours in the bottom half of the results, Scott up at the top 2 again.

Race Report from Alex – 5th April

Warwicks club members have started to complete open time trials, Alex Laycock  rode the VC Sevale event the last weekend in March and came second lady…………….OUT OF 2, so possibly last ,but the other women didnt turn up! It was grey and damp and horrible, a complete contrast to the following weekend……..April 2nd. We had 3 riders at the Echelon 10 mile time trial, Matt Purshouse came 3rd with 20.30, Mick Harborne came first in his age category and did a time of 23.35. Alex rode again and did a time of 26.57, soaking up the sunshine.

With a new Club member Jacqueline Hobson we are all looking forward to our own club promotion on April 10th at Inkberrow.


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