Club Events

On Tuesday nights, during the summer months, 10 mile time trials are held on the K37/10P course (the A435 between Wythall and Redditch). The start is just after the M42 motorway junction and the turn is made at the top of Gorcott Hill for a two lap course.

Signing on is at headquarters – Wythall Park & House, 52 Silver Street, Wythall, B47 6LZ after 18.00 with the event starting at 19.15.

The current entry fee is £4  (£2 being the CTT levy).

The course details are shown in the map below.

Last race of the year on the K36 will start at 18:30.

K37/10P Course Map

Click the link for K37/10P course details.


Riders must not cut the corners at either the Gorcott or Portway turns due to traffic approaching from the right.


The roadworks category of this site contains details of the Worcester County Council’s notification document which can be checked to avoid a wasted journey due to road closures.

Roller Racing

During the winter months roller racing takes place in the Britannia Room at Wythall house on alternate Tuesday evenings.



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